• Software Development

    We always try to find the exact requirement of the User. If we don't have the actual requirement then we can't give a proper service. So we prefer to note down your actual requirement and then provide a solution which makes you work easier way but in low budget.

    Currently we have a number of Solutions like
    1) Assist MIS (A Solution for Telecom Distributors' Daily Work)
    2) Assist School (A solution for School / Institute Daily Activity Management)
    3) Retail Managment (An Inventory Solution with proper Purchase & Sales feature with GST) 4) Pharma Software (An Inventory Solution for Pharma with proper Purchase & Sales feature with GST)

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  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is not like Traditional marketing. It is to be very strategical. It seems to be easy to handle But actually Harder than harder. If you really want to enjoy the total advantage of it then call us.

    Our Service includes,

    >> Website
    >> SEO
    >> Bulk SMS
    >> Social Media like FB, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube
    >> Google Adwords
    >> Bulk Email
    >> Bulk Whatsapp
    >> At Assist U Portal

    The Result is . . .
    Maximum Reach to your Target Audience

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  • C2B directory

    Your Local Service Numbers. You need details of Beauty Parlour of your location.... you want someone who can service your AC... You want a Private Tutor..... You want an English Medium School at your location .... You can get it available at our database.

    You can avail local emergency numbers like Hospital, Ambulance, Blood Bank, Thana etc.
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  • Domain Hosting

    Register your Domain/ Renew your Domain

    Book your Hosting Space (Hosting Plan in Linux/ Windows server) Dedicated Server, VPS

    SEO, Email Marketing

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  • Website Development

    We have a team of Website Designers and Developers. Developing a website is very easy but make attarctive to customer is very hard. Our team always enjoy to do the harder jobs.

    We have no limitation of number of pages. Low Cost but High Benefit. Call us now to have the flavour.

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Our Objective

This site was developed as a directory of all business of your locality and the emergency numbers. If someone needs a service, then search here and find the contact number detail. And the same time it makes business persons to reach people easily and provide thier services. In the way we can assist people but just free of Cost

Now we have added more services like Software, Digital Advertising etc. to assist people digitally.

About Us

Assist U is an organization whose objective is to assist people in different ways but in smarter ways. Our main focus area is the Rural people who generally keep themselves behind those suberban people. But the barrier will be removed. Government of India as well as West Bengal or some other states already started work on it. But the main thing is to understand how to unitize the digital technology in the business. We are doing this in our way.

Currently we provide Softwares to bring ease in work. We provide the digital advertisement to reach local customer easily but in simple way. We develop website. We provide domain, Bulk SMS. Finally we provide emergency service detail through our website.

So We are. . .


Our Team

(Founder Director)
(Director Marketing)
(Market Analyst)
(Content Marketer)
  • Hosting
  • Web Security
  • Domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • Email Hosting
  • Premium DNS

Per Month

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