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Mission & Vision

Assist U is an organization whose primary objective was to assist people in smarter ways. Our Main focus area is the Rural people who started their Business but fails to grow because of unawareness of latest Technology. Our Representative goes to educate those people about the use of Digital Advertisement in their Business Promotion just using the Social Media and other Modern Digital tools. Government of India as well as West Bengal and some other states already implemented number of policies for Digitization. We are doing that in our way. Our Motto is to make Rural People understand how to unitize the digital technology in the business.

Our Objective

This site was developed as a directory of all business of your locality and the emergency numbers. If someone needs a service, then search here and find the contact number detail. And the same time it makes business persons to reach people easily and provide thier services. In the way we can assist people but just free of Cost. Now we have added more services like Software, Digital Advertising etc. to assist people digitally.

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