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Website is a global identity for an organization. It is like a virtual office where from your target audience can avail your details. SEO service makes your virtual office more available to those persons who are searching in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc for the services that you provide.

Assist U is one of the best SEO service companies in Kolkata , India. According to our ability, we can rank your website on the first page of google search results. We can also increase your page’s visibility and clicks , which help you to achieve target profit .

What You Get From Us.

We have a team to develop the website (responsive mobile layout).
The team concentrates on the latest design so that the main objective of the organization can be depicted smoothly using the latest technology.
The team is working on innovative SEO processes so that the site can be visible on the 1st page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The main objective is to find out the best effective keywords to optimize the search criteria. Create backlinks, either internal backlink or outbound backlinks. We have our own portal to create extra backlink for the website. Team monitor the search console for the results. We have a content writer team to create various content for maximum usage of keywords and link. Embedding google map, facebook, instargram into the site makes the search engine optimization more effective. Multiple tasks are there to do for SEO service.

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